The Salon Air Scrubber uses filters designed especially for the chemicals, gases and particulates commonly found in hair and nail salons. Choosing the right filter for your salon is the key to creating a healthier environment.

Use these filters with your Salon Air Scrubber to gain the maximum air cleaning benefits for your salon.


GK-PASHDR-1 Salon Gas & Odor Filter

Ideal for Environments with Moderate to Heavy Concentrations of Gases & Odors


Reduces gases and odors from hair and nail products and processes, such as hair treatments, hair sprays, nail bonding agents and nail polish. Targets some of the most common (and dangerous) chemicals found in salons, including toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

Not Recommended For: Particulate removal

Filter Replacement: To maintain the highest level of performance, it is recommended that you replace your filter once a year. However, the replacement time may vary according to usage.