Is it really as simple as changing a light bulb?

Yes! Our EZ LED technology is designed to work with your existing ballast. Simply plug-n-play.

Am I better off bypassing the ballast?

It depends. We offer plug-n-play  (Type A) and ballast bypass (Type B) versions, plus a Hybrid Series that works either way. The ballast does act as a surge protector, so there are benefits to keeping it in place. The advantage of removing the ballast is an additional 5-10% energy savings.

Will the EZ LED work if my ballast fails?

In many cases, the ballast failure is a result of the ignitor failing. Since the EZ LED does not rely on this component, it will still operate as long as the transformer and capacitors are working.

Does the EZ LED work in enclosed fixtures?

OEO offers many LEDs with varying features. We have more product options if you can leave the lens cover off the bottom of your fixtures and we do offer models designed for fully enclosed fixtures.

Can I test out your LED's?

Yes! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee so we make it E-Z for you to test the products before you commit to a full upgrade. It is recommended to try four units in a 2×2 grid pattern so you can better evaluate brightness and light spread in your own facility.

How quick will these pay off?

It depends on hours of operation and your utility rate. We offer a free ROI analysis to help you evaluate the options. Typically it’s about 1 year, but it can be a lot less with utility rebates.

How much does the EZ LED cost?

We have a lot of different options to offer, and your answers to a few questions help us to find the right LED that will work in your application. We want to hone in on the right product before quoting prices.

How many watts will I save?

It depends on which LED replacement you choose. For example, with our most popular EZ LED, a 400w metal halide decreases to 150w LED, or 63% energy savings draw.

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