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As the premier U.S. Owned supplier of vacuum bags and filters for the Commercial Industry, Green Klean is proud to offer the same quality professionals demand for your home and office.

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Slow Dust Loading — More info

  • Maintains suction longer than conventional bags – better suction, less vacuuming
  • Bags can hold more dirt before losing suction – Change bags less often
  • Keeps machines running at peak performance levels – less wear on machines

Superior Filtration / Breathe Easier 

  • Traps fine dust particles, improving indoor air quality while reducing the need for dusting
  • Removes many indoor allergens – especially in the critical 0.3 to 1 Micron range
  • Keeps machines running at peak performance

Superior Construction

  • Green Klean bags will not burst
  • Crafted in state of the art ISO 9000-2008 certified factory (AQA International Certified)
  • Backed by our Green Diamond Warranty  
  • Using replacement vacuum bags will not void the manufacturers warranty – Magnuson Moss Warranty Act




Green Klean Bags and Filters are available through many premier online retailers

Clean with Confidence…Clean with Green Klean®