Here are answers to your most common questions about the Salon Air Scrubber.

Q: How long can I leave my Scrubber on?

A: Your Salon Air Scrubber  is designed to run efficiently around the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: How does the Scrubber work?

A: The Scrubber takes in air at the bottom (360°) and releases purified air at the top (360°) so that it doesn’t stir up 
pollution and allergens.

Q: How durable is the Scrubber?

A: Each Scrubber unit is made of hard impact ABS material for long life and durability. ABS is the same material that football helmets are made of.

Q: Can I use the same Scrubber unit in different rooms?

A: We recommend placing a separate unit in each room so that the air is being filtered in all your rooms at the same time. However, your Salon Air Scrubber  can be easily moved from room to room for maximum usability and portability.