Mission Statement

Provide exceptional Quality, Service, Sustainability, and Value to the Professional, Residential, OEM, and Industrial Cleaning and Filtration trades. Green Klean® has assembled a team of industry experts, best in class manufacturing, and global resources to ensure we accomplish this mission. SOP Green Klean® is all about you, our valued partner and customer. We are committed to growing and increasing revenues for you, with the Green Klean® field sales support program, where the decisions are made and relationships are built with the end users. We don’t ask for your business we earn it.

Benefits For Partners Of SOP Green Klean®:

  • Green Klean® is committed to growing your revenue. Hands on, in the field with the end user.
  • We strive to exceed your customer service expectations…We go a step beyond and more.
  • Lowest Prepaid Freight Policy with orders shipped within 24 hours
  • We are always looking for the next best idea that will keep our valued partners competitive and profitable.

“Redefining Total Clean…Air, Surface, and Floor…with Green Klean”

Vacuum Bags and Filters

  • Jan San Distributors
  • Cleaning Companies / BSCI
  • OEM
  • Industrial Filtration

Chlorinated Tablet

  • Food Service
  • Janitorial
  • Healthcare


  • Eliminates odors in confined spaces
  • Treats a 300 square foot area per 25 gram pouch
  • Simple to use and does not leave residue or masking perfumes or scents after treatment