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Our mission is to be the trusted leader in safer solutions, from cleaning to disinfecting, while maintaining environmental responsibility and affordability.

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We provide easy, low-cost solutions for creating healthier schools.

Our Chlorinated Disinfecting Tablets, a surface disinfectant with an HMIS safety rating of triple zero in solution, create hypochlorous acid (HOCL) when added to tap water, creating the “most effective disinfectant available”, according to the CDC. Deliver a simple and total solution for disinfecting with our tablets.

To round out the cleaning process, we also provide 125 SKUs of filter and vacuum bags for all brands.



We provide healthcare with a broad spectrum non-toxic disinfectant. Our chlorinated disinfecting tablets kill two of the most contagious and feared pathogens: C. diff and Candida auris.

Healthcare facilities and hospitals are ready to be proactive instead of reactive by using the tablets in solution as a daily disinfectant because the chemicals are neither corrosive nor toxic.

The tablets have established an HMIS triple zero safety rating in solution. They’re also incredibly stable with a 3 year shelf-life.



We’ve made it easier for hoteliers to provide clean, fresh guest rooms. GONE Odor eliminator quickly and easily removes marijuana odors, while our inventory of 125 SKUs of filters and vacuum bags makes us a “one-stop shop” for keeping the air clean and fresh.

Get to know our chlorinated disinfecting tablets, and find out how you can be welcoming guests to clean, safe and comfortable spaces.

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We help you create safe spaces with the most innovative and effective products for the sanitation and janitorial industry. Our human-centric approach and top-of-the-line products help our customers get the job done in a shorter timeframe and at a lesser cost.